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A Review of Prinsam Digital Camera With Anti-shake Technology- Best for Beginners

Prinsam 2.7" LCD, Silver, 8X Optical Zoom, 18Mp Digital Camera- Equiped with Anti-shake Technology; Best in Gifts and Digital Cameras Under 100 DollarsNew 18MP 2.7″ LCD Screen Prinsam Digital Camera, Silver in Color, 8X Zoom- Easy to Use

Looking for digital cameras under 100? Look no further. The Prinsam Digital Camera is your superb solution especially for beginners. Reasons? Read on…

Detailed HD Videos

This camera’s detailed HD videos are nice for watching or uploading to Facebook, YouTube or your other favorite Social Media platform. For example, this is one home video taken by a client using a Prinsam camera:

Your video/photos images stay very clear regardless of your experience in video/photo shooting- which makes this one of the ideal digital cameras gift for kids and adults alike. There are also built in camera effects (e.g. adding color or brightness) that you could apply to your images to make them very nice.


This incredibly easy-to-use camera slithers simply into your pocket when on the go either picnicking, hiking, during birthday parties, or doing other business. It relieves your high end biggie camera and runs easier errands for you. Even engineers can keep it close to their tool boxes and not mind at all!

It’s 8x optical zoom ability captures far subjects easily, and its 18MP photos come out very clear and look smartly taken. Too good for digital cameras under 100? Not at all, just keep reading to find out why or click here to buy it right away at Amazon.

18 MP Plus 8x Zoom

the Best Buy Gift to Go For and Purchase Now through Amazon!

Digital Cameras Under 100: 2.0 High speed USB port

This combination helps you in capturing gorgeous images that have superb fine detail clarity and sharp contrast. This way, you are able to create spectacular, superior prints which are up to an A3+ (13×19”) size. The images can be cropped or edited and still maintain high resolution integrity. Additional technology helps in image stabilization that corrects vertical and horizontal motion meaning you have freedom to shoot videos even while running, jogging in the morning or when walking

720p MP4 HD Video Mode

This unique feature makes this piece of digital cameras under 100 dollars a superb choice as it helps shoot 1280 x 720 HD (high definition) videos at 30 FPS (frames per second). FPS is what is used to measure digital cameras display performance.

2.7 Inches Clear Photo Display (LCD)

2.7 inches (230K dots) Clear Photo LCD (that is Liquid Crystal Display) displays sharp and natural colored features making it easy to

– read menus

– compose shots and

– view photos even in open daylight brightness.

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Wonderful wide LCD Display: The Best Buy Gift to Go For and Purchase Now through Amazon!

That is, how many times was the image on that screen refreshed giving unique frames per second? Currently, we have 24, 25 and 30p. The greater the FPS the smoother the video motion that results. At 30p we are talking of full-motion film camera’s rate range. Such quality makes your YouTube videos even more striking for their high quality.

Picture and Beauty effects to enhance creativity

Picture and beauty effects add a new standard of expression to your photos, and can make out of ordinary portraits and landscapes through mood heightening and emphasis to certain key picture effects attributes. For beauty effects, you are now able to do skin tone edits, skin shine removal, skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and eye widening effects. These really enhance image quality.

Built in Flash for distant subjects illumination

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Digital Cameras Under 100: Rechargeable battery that lasts long available with product

Advanced Flash feature in this digital camera under 100 dollars allows you to do bright, and very beautifully lit pictures. Whether subjects are in dimly lit rooms or you are capturing an outdoor event in the evening, this in-built feature is just what you need to get bright photos all the time. And this is in Auto/Force/Off modes.

Auto Mode

Auto mode recognizes scenes, faces, lighting conditions, and immediately adjusts settings which results in clear images, less blur in backgrounds and faces with natural skin tone. Be it landscape shots, or kids on a playground, or a single beautiful flower, or your indoor birthday party, all these result in clear images with the auto mode on.


Suitable for all people of all ages except under 9s. It is appropriate as a teen digital camera or a kids digital camera, or for your family friends- especially as a gift! Just click here to buy it right away at Amazon

Sample Photos Taken by the Camera

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Digital Cameras Under 100: Photo taken from a high floor

Further Product Specifications

The Best Buy Gift to Go For and Purchase Now through Amazon!

The Best Buy Gift to Go For: All accessories including installation software availed within product package

Specs in Summary

Brand Name: Prinsam

Type: Compact zoom digital camera

Promotion sale: Digital cameras under 100 dollars

Special Feature: Affordable/cheaper digital camera gift

Screen Size: 2.0″-3.0″

Memory Card: Uses SD Memory Card

Optical Zoom: Fixed Focus

Video Capture: Yes; High quality

Color: Silver

Image sensor: 3MP CMOS Sensor

Zoom: 8x digital zoom

Power Source: Rechargeable lithium battery

Camera screen: 2.7″ TFT LCD display

Maximum resolution: 18Mp

Color: Silver

File: JPEG format, AVI (with sound)

Interface port: High Speed USB2.0

Video resolution: 720×480 HD, D1, VGA, 640×480

Self timer availability: Yes; at 10 sec, 5 sec and 2 sec

Just click here to buy it at or to write a product review of it at Amazon.

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